I create systems that are specific for each client, offer ideas, suggest solutions,
encourage good habits and discourage bad ones!

I respect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is
never compromised.

I conduct a complimentary one-hour session to evaluate the situation and get to know you. I then create a solution that is practical and easy for you to maintain. Each client’s needs are tailored specifically for them because what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another!
I’ll go through each area and determine, with your help, what can stay and what can go. I never make you get rid of anything – only offer suggestions.
There are many ways to purge – throw away, sell, donate and recycle. I’ll suggest places to discard or donate items such as clothing, paint, furniture, household hazardous waste products and electronics. I’ll even photograph and provide you with a digital, itemized list of all items being donated – something the IRS likes to see! In addition, I’ll take away the items (depending on size) and provide you with tax deduction documents.
Once the area is empty and clean, I’ll put everything back in an orderly way – developing systems that work for you, such as color coding, labeling, alphabetizing and more. Some projects require supplies such as bins, drawer dividers, hangers, boxes, containers…. I’ll also shop so you don’t have to!

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